Friday, January 21, 2011

Balance and Coordination With On the Ball With Sara Ivanhoe: Yoga Workout For Beginners

Being out of shape and overweight can cost you plenty. It can definitely cost you money in terms of medical help and clothing. But it has an even deeper impact. You do not have as much stamina as you could. You tire easily and often find that the protruding belly is putting you at risk for cardiovascular disease. But people are finding that their resolution to lose weight and get toned is much easier with a medicine, or exercise ball. These balls can definitely target your core section and if you combine it with On the Ball With Sara Ivanhoe: Yoga Workout for Beginners, then you are sure to find success.

On the Ball With Sara Ivanhoe: Yoga Workout for Beginners is absolutely terrific with its incorporation of using a medicine ball with yoga exercises. The ball is very instrumental in keeping the spine aligned and it is also great for keeping your balance. Just being aware of how your body is affected by using the medicine ball will help you whittle the pounds away in no time.

For those not familiar with medicine ball training, it is a giant rubber ball that you use to help you isolate certain muscle groups. It has been around for a while now and most gyms even use them in their classes. The ball is fantastic for targeting your abdominal muscles without straining your neck or back due to improper technique. The ball forces you to assume the correct position and helps cushion your spine.

When you add in yoga to traditional medicine ball exercises you uncover a realm of new techniques that can help you strengthen your muscles and learn the poses often associated with yoga classes. But do not worry about the DVD being too advanced. It is specifically designed for beginners.

The ball, in conjunction with the yoga workout, is really practical and can help you learn balance. That is fundamental for learning yoga. Sara Ivanhoe takes the time to teach you the proper techniques and also how to modify them, if you are not able to maintain a particular position or stance. That is extremely helpful for those completely unfamiliar with the various poses and exercises used in yoga.

On the Ball With Sara Ivanhoe: Yoga Workout for Beginners is a very great way to get into shape using yoga and a medicine ball. The ball truly does help you focus on your balance and coordination. It also helps build up your core muscles. Advanced yoga practitioners may find the pace a bit slow or simply not challenging enough but for beginners this DVD works out pretty well.

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